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For the past 10 years, Peculiar People Management has worked closely with high profile professionals from a wide variety of industries from around the world, to develop effective leaders throughout Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

In reality, acquiring management skills in effective leadership has very little to do with your knowledge of leadership theories or how many popular leadership quotes you can recite. PPM’s training courses are designed to ensure that you actually become an influential manager of people, and more or less a mentor within your organization, whether it is in the public service arena or the corporate world.

At Peculiar People Management we develop leaders who are competent in key areas such as team building, project management training, communication skills, risk management, career training, facility management training, soft skills and business management.

We also provide courses in executive education and in adaptive leadership styles that are informed by the Situational Leadership Theory – which recommends that the executive (or manager) should vary his leadership style along with the specific task, job, group, or the individual being influenced.

Based on our wealth of experience and expertise, we have organized key programmes and facilitated several training workshops to meet the ongoing needs of today’s leaders. We provide corporate leadership coaching for groups and individuals by offering a flexible approach, designed to integrate with our clients day to day business activities whilst providing practical, realistic tools and effective resources.

If you are looking for the solutions we have listed above, along with other solutions like sales training, instructional leadership and public sector service, then PPM is your excellent choice. PPM strives to achieve a true partnership with our clients, helping to bring about the changes that are required for the best results to be achieved. If there are areas within your organization that may cause delay or reduce effectiveness due to White Space, then PPM can help you do something about that as well.

Unlike other companies, PPM certainly has more than just basic solutions to offer – we help you instigate permanent change through innovative training programmes and workshops, leadership training courses and executive coaching solutions that deliver ongoing sustainability and growth. Our alliance with some of the world’s most renowned keynote speakers and thought leaders is also a crystal clear distinctive quality of Peculiar People Management.

In conclusion, the next time you recite a popular quote, it won’t be because you merely read a book of leadership quotes. It would be because you effectively set and ACHIEVED actual goals by taking charge over the respective tasks and teams under your administration. 

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Peculiar People Management (PPM) is a leadership development consultancy dedicated to developing leaders in industry and government across Africa. PPM brings together the best mind in business and leadership management from around the world to educate, train and empower businesses and individuals globally.

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Warm greetings from Peculiar People Management (PPM), with the current social distancing regulations and the limitations it poses, we would like to share our heartfelt support and solidarity with the families affected with the COVID -19 global pandemic.