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If your organization has chosen the complex quest of new product development, you will certainly need skillfully executed marketing strategies to help you through the course of transforming your new business ideas into a viable new product – whether it is a tangible product or an intangible product or service.

Peculiar People Management (PPM) is an idea company that provides innovative business ideas to move your organization into the new frontier. But not just that, we have perfected the idea screening process to help you in eliminating ramshackle concepts that will only end up wasting your organization’s resources.

Idea Screening is a crucial stage in the new product development process. It is the step that seeks to ensure that realistic goals and marketing objectives are set at the earlier stages of planning. At PPM, we understand that in order for us to be effective in our idea screening services for you, we will not only pay attention to your marketing ideas, but we will also execute excellent SWOT analysis and informed product design techniques.
At PPM, we really know how to market a product.

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Peculiar People Management (PPM) is a leadership development consultancy dedicated to developing leaders in industry and government across Africa. PPM brings together the best mind in business and leadership management from around the world to educate, train and empower businesses and individuals globally.

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